The stone building from times past has been used in sophisticated works as shrines and temples, that for its wide variety of designs, thus being a key for different types of decorations material.

The stone is rustic and classic, but also ideal for innovative spaces. Well used guarantees intimate, distinguished and warm results, also the combination with other materials such as wood or glass will create unique spaces.

The Tecstone stone is a product based on cement that is molded to depict a stone surface and then sprayed, dyed or coated as stucco, which is a paste of fine grain composed of slaked lime and gypsum, natural pigments, etc. Furthermore, they are used as fine pieces that attach to a wall or structural surface.

Most times, people think that this kind of walls are only suitable for the most rustic houses. The truth is that the contrast between a stone wall in a modern setting is quite interesting because the stylistic advantages of this type of walls are obvious, and can also accommodate decorative styles as diverse and different as minimalist or rustic.

Best of all is that these types of coatings can be incorporated in any type of stay; It is that although normally usually seen in places like dining rooms and kitchens, we can also use them in fireplaces, doorways and hallways, in an office, in hallways, in areas around a pool, around window frames, commercial spaces and where the result is always the same, distinction, elegance and warmth.