Criteria Tecstone Natural Stones
Size and shape Allows the shape and size desired, adapting at all times to the needs of the place where it will be placed. With technical advances that exist in the market right now, you can get replica of any natural rock, getting the shape the size you want. The shape and size will depend on the availability of the sampling, considering that sometimes the extraction site is too far to assume transportation costs.
Durability and state In this case there is no type of extraction, transportation, and placement, therefore poses no risk to the final result. Yes, the simulation of bumps, cracks or defects if desired be performed. Extraction and transport it may pose a risk to the stone, causing it to become brittle and may have some fissure.
Placement The space required for placement will be little more than necessary for the location of the same, allowing the placement of this type of rock in any kind of spaces difficult the access. The Tecstone stones are light and easy to install, since they typically weigh less than natural stone. When placing this type of rock must take into account the type of rock, size and access to it. Sometimes this makes no out can lead the design of certain buildings, for example, because access to their place of installation make it impossible to access the displacement or natural stone.
Aspect It is the result based materials and techniques that shape to represent a surface, the similarity with natural stone is amazing. It is the result of creation of nature with the course of the years.